Mobile Health Clinics

Lodha Foundation runs 3 medical vans which acts as a mobile clinic making health services accessible to the community. These vans organise free medical camps for 2 hours each in morning and evening. A range of services are provided to communities in slums, chawls and housing societies. Medical vans are manned by a MBBS doctor, a lab technician and 2 assistants. The services offered include medical check-up, provision of medicines and various diagnoses free as prescribed by doctor. As per requirements the patients undergo check up which includes Blood Examinations (Diabetes, CBC, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Dengue, Malaria, Blood Group), Kidney & Liver Profile, Lipid Profile), Body Mass Index, Electro Cardio Gram, Osteoporosis Check-up, Blood Pressure and ENT Check-up.

Reach: The mobile health clinics have been benefitting about 60,000 patients annually.

School Health Camps

Regular health check-ups are organised by the foundation for children studying in Primary and Secondary level in 35 government aided and private schools. Most of the children studying in such schools come from economically lower-middle class families who cannot afford regular check-ups. The services are provided by a team of 5 doctors and 1 assistant. The students avail following facilities: General check-up, Dental Check up, ENT Check Up and Gynaecology check up for girls, Eye Sight check up etc. Each student is given free medicine and a health card with the results of the check-up. The schools are also given a copy of the card so that they can take appropriate action. The school follows up with parents to ensure that the recommendations of doctors are followed.

Reach: The school health check up benefits about 15,000 children annually.

Nirogi Mahila Abhiyan

'Nirogi Mahila Abhiyan'- meaning Campaign for Disease Free Females is a free medical check up camp specifically for females including adolescent girls in Mumbai. The programme helps women and youth girls living in slums affected from poor health but not seeking medical help due to various socio-economic reasons. The medical team has 1 female Medical Doctor and 1 female Assistant. Foundation organises 60 camps per week from 11 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 5 pm and 5.30 pm to 8 pm every day. Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure and Diabetes test are also done free of cost. Patients are provided counselling and free medicine. In certain cases the patients are referred to the government hospitals for further treatment.

Reach: The health clinics are providing services to about 50,000 females per year.

Jeevan Asha Yojana

A medical assistant initiative called 'Jeevan Asha Yojana’ – Hope for Life with an aim to arrange for financial and medical help for patients who are too poor to meet the expenses of expensive medical treatments and surgery on their own has been started. Foundation assists needy people to seek assistance from various schemes of Trusts and Government to get treatment at good hospitals including surgery, hospitalization and medicines at concessional rates and to help senior citizens to get medical assistance on priority basis. Providing psycho - social support to the patient & his or her relative is a crucial part where foundation representative meets patient during hospitalization & at times also do home visits.

Reach: More than 100 & 600 persons per year avail financial support and counselling respectively.

Malaria & Dengue Control

One of foundation’s initiatives is to control spread of serious illness due to Dengue and Malaria in the city. Thus an initiative of fogging which controls the mosquito population has been put in place. Mosquitoes are vectors or transmitters, of infectious disease besides that they bother people around homes or in parks and recreational areas. Unhygienic condition such as stagnation of water in drainage system and other places in slums and housing societies provide breeding ground for the mosquitoes increasing health problems. Localities are selected for fogging and cleaning of drains is undertaken as it kills the mosquitoes providing much relief to the people residing in the locality. Mosquito Fogging Machines are used for fogging 24 Housing societies / slums per week.

Reach: The fogging is benefitting about 1200 Housing societies & slum localities per year.

Water Tank Cleaning

Clean and safe drinking water is essential for everyone in community to prevent water borne disease. To ensure this Lodha Foundation has embarked upon the mission to clean the water tanks in housing societies, schools, colleges and police stations. Under this programme the cleaning of underground and overhead tanks on capacity 5000 to 1, 50,000 litres is undertaken. To ensure that the cleaning of tanks is done properly modern techniques are used. The programme aims to benefits about 40 complex and institutions every month. Information is given to the housing societies etc. informing them about the programme to avail benefit from this. Team of 4 staff supervised by 1 coordinator has been deputed to ensure the implementation of the initiative.

Reach: The initiative benefits about 500 complexes and cleans more than 4,000 tanks every year.

Generic Pharmacy Shop

A generic medicine shop has been opened with the aim to provide the patients good quality medicine at low cost. Generally generic medicines are not available in general pharmacy shops so this initiative was taken up by the foundation to ensure that such medicines are accessible, available and affordable to the people at large. The store is manned by qualified pharmacist. There are over 270 types of medicines available at the pharmacy shop. The foundation aims to bring many such medicines in the reach of the common man by collaborating with about 100 doctors in the locality where the shop is set up and encourage them to prescribe generic medicine to poor patients who come for treatment.

Reach: The pharmacy shops aims to provide benefit to about 30, 000 patients every year.