The Lodha Foundation is currently operational in various parts of Mumbai, including South Mumbai, Nalla Sopara, Anjur, Thane and Dombivili.

The core focus of the Foundation is to make families self-reliant by making atleast one member of the family employable by means of education (school and vocational). Besides education, the Foundation also carries out extensive work in the areas of healthcare, women’s empowerment and the ‘Joy of Living Program for Senior Citizens’.
Here is an overview of the CSR initiatives undertaken by the Lodha Foundation:

Library: Lodha Foundation has dedicated 2 libraries to public service. Besides a brick & mortar library, we have  mobile van which makes rounds around the town and stops at 46 different locations during the week. The citizens can choose from over 5,000 books across Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & English languages. Over 1,000 people have registered and are utilizing the services of these two libraries.

Chandresh Lodha Memorial School: Lodha Foundation runs 2 schools in Nalla Sopara and Dombivili. The fees are such which can be afforded by the economically poor sections of the society. Over 10,000 study in these 2 schools.

Vocational training
Lodha Foundation realizes that good conversation skills in English and a basic understanding of computers is a must for anyone entering the job market. To address this need we conduct following courses at multiple locations in Mumbai:
English speaking.
Beautician & tailoring.
Mobile Technician.
Mehendi Application.
Computer Literacy.

Over 5000 trainees go through these courses each year.
Medical van: We have a medical van which acts as a mobile clinic. The van visits 2 different communities (areas) daily: morning and evening. A range of services are provided to the slum and chawls which include, General check-up, blood glucose measurement, BMI, ECG scan, CBC count, Bone density scan (for osteoporosis) etc. Close to 100 unique patients are checked daily through this van.

Medical camps: We undertake health camps across 40 villages in Thane District. One health camp is conducted every month. Villagers coming for the camp avail of following facilities: General checkup, Blood Pressure checks, Blood Sugar measurement, CBC count, Eye checkup, BMI etc. Spectacles are made to order and provided free of cost to villagers. Over 200 villagers avail this facility every month.

School Health camps: We organize health check-ups in municipal and aided schools in south Mumbai. The heads of several such schools were concerned about the health needs of children. They suspected that attention and other deficiencies might be due to the poor health of these children. Most of the children studying in such schools come from economically lower-middle class families who cannot afford regular check-ups. The students avail following facilities: General check-up, Dental, ENT, Gynaec (for girls), Eye sight check etc. Each student is given a health card with the results of the check-up. The schools are also given a copy of the card so that they can take appropriate action in case of medical emergeny. We have covered over 10,000 students across 15 different schools so far. We are planning to cover over 1,00,000 more in the current financial year.

Women’s empowerment & support to destitute women
SHG: Lodha Foundation has mobilized over 300 women through Self-Help Groups. These groups undertake regular savings and are involved in various social initiatives. Over the past 3 years they have undertaken a range of business and social activities and created a mark for themselves in the society.

Grain support: Lodha Foundation has identified over 300 women who have no family support or source of income. A monthly ration comprising of good grains, pulses, oil, spices etc. is provided to these women.

Training & placement: Working with women has made us realize that a large number of these are able and willing to work. Some of them are also already working in the informal labour market. Lodha Foundation has partnered with various training and placement agencies to achieve dual objective of training and placing the ladies. As a part of this initiative, the ladies get placed in housekeeping agencies and provide their services as House Maids, cooks etc. to homes while being a part of the organized/formal workforce.

Civic Support
Lodha Foundation has undertaken a massive cleanliness drive. It is cleaning up places which even the BMC refuses to cleanup – the house gullys. We have cleaned up over 500 house gullies so far. The service is provided free of cost and is hugely appreciated by the public. Once the house gully is cleaned-up insecticide is also sprayed using fogging machine to ensure that the citizens live in a hygienic atmosphere.

Lodha Foundation also helps citizens procure their Pan cards, senior citizen cards, Ration cards. This service is also hugely appreciated by the citizens as the procedures are quire cumbersome for a lot of them.

Joy of Living - Senior Citizens
Lodha Foundation understands the spiritual & emotional requirements of the Senior Citizens. Every day close to 50 senior citizens are taken for a day long pilgrimage. This is a hugely popular program and we have covered over 10,000 people till date.

Boxing Academy
Lodha Foundation trains budding boxing enthusiasts and enables them to compete in state and national competitions. Over 50 students are supported through this endeavour.

Other activities

Sai Vishram Gruh, Anjur
Lodha group is building a rest house for tired travellers on their way to or back from a pilgrimage. The Sai Vishram Gruh, to be located at Anjur is ideal place for people from interior villages to take much needed rest while going to or coming back from a long pilgrimage, especially to and from Shirdi.

Lodha Vihar Dham, Juhuchandra
Lodha Vihar Dham is dedicated to the travelling Jain munis. Realizing the need to provide a comfortable stop over for Jain munis, Lodha Foundation is building a Jain derasar with an attached dharamshala that will house over 200 pilgrims. In line with the Jain tradition of minimalistic living, the Lodha Vihar Dham is being quipped with state of art water harvesting and recharge technology. This will ensure that we give back more than we take from Mother Nature.