Educational Tour

Lodha Foundation implements programmes that aim to build the youth of the city with positive mind set and progressive thinking. By giving the youth a chance to peak into the history and to get inspired by the legends that lived on this land tour is organised every Sunday for them to Raigad Fort. Raigad Fort is a hill fortress situated near Mahad in Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. The Maratha king Shivaji made the fort his capital in 1674 when he was crowned King of a Maratha Kingdom which later developed into the Maratha Empire eventually covering majority of modern day India. The youths in the age group of 18 – 30 years are chosen to participate in this tour. Only Rs. 100 / participant is taken as registration fee which includes transportation, lunch & evening snacks.

Reach: The tour covers about 1300 youths every year who get a chance to visit Raigad fort.

English Speaking Classes

A programme has been developed by Lodha Foundation for improving the English Speaking competency of the persons who have not got the opportunity in schools and colleges to develop this language. The English speaking classes are organised in a place that is accessible to the target community. Youths, housewives and school children in secondary and above have enrolled for this programme. The programme help to improve English grammar, vocabulary, speaking that can be of great help for the participants in their academic and day to day life. The fee per month for attending the classes is Re1 for housewives and Rs. 100 for all other. The classes are organised on week days from Monday to Saturday for 2 hours / day.

Reach: The programme is helping improve English language of about 500 persons every year.

Career Guidance Camps

Career Guidance Camps are regularly organised with the aim to provide useful information to the youths on career planning. The students studying in Secondary and Higher Secondary levels and parents to students in upper primary level are provided information related to different career opportunities and how they can be successful in achieving their goals. Various activities such as Aptitude and Interest Test, Workshop for students and their parents on different subject like Career Guidance, facing Board Examination, role of parents in developing child’s career etc are undertaken. To reach out to maximum number of students 15 programmes per month are organised. The programmes are organised in collaboration with schools and colleges.

Reach: The initiative provides career guidance to about 7,000 students and parents every year.

Educational Institution

Lodha Foundation supports two schools based in Nalla Sopara and Dombivili. The school is named as Chandresh Lodha Memorial School, Nalla Sopara & Dombivili. Chandresh Lodha Memorial School was founded in 2006 by Mr. Mangal Prabhat Lodha and named after Late Mr. Chandresh Lodha. The fees structures of these two schools are such that can be afforded by the economically poor sections of the society. Besides Chandresh Lodha Memorial School, Thane and Lodha World School, Palava provide best environment for the students to attain world class education. It offers the best of resources in terms of teaching aids, qualified teachers, world class infrastructure and the most complete curriculum.

Reach: Over 10,000 students are seeking good quality education in these 4 schools.

Girls Education

Education of girls is given special emphasis by the foundation and thus Girls’ Education programme for promoting education of girls from secondary to undergraduate level is being implemented. The project aims to identify Girls who have reached 18 years but have dropped out of education system. Such individuals are being brought back to the education system by enrolling them into Open University course and coaching them so that they can directly pursue undergraduate course in B.A. or B.Com. The project also aims to provide educational coaching to the girls who have failed in class X exam to ensure that they pass the exam in next attempt thus ensuring their continuity of studies. The project is implemented by the team of trained teachers and a supervisor.

Reach: The project currently aims to benefits about 100 girls in the pilot phase of the project.


Lodha Foundation aims to reach out to the children who do not have strong financial background and are struggling to support their education. Lodha Scholarship programme has been instituted with this aim so that financial support can be provided to the 1,000 meritorious students every year. The program offers financial assistance to students from Std. V to Std. XII living in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) whose annual household income is less than Rs.4,50,000/- per annum. The scholarship covers 75% of the fee and other expenses. Lodha Foundation invites application every year from the students who wish to apply for scholarship. The programme is implemented in collaboration with the schools which identify and refer the students.

Reach: 1000 scholarships are awarded each year with 25% earmarked for government employees.


Lodha Foundation has dedicated 5 libraries to public service. Of the 5 mobiles 2 are static while the other 3 are mobile libraries operating in South Mumbai and Dombivli. The concept of mobile library emerged to meet the need of people who cannot go to library located far from their residence. Each mobile van library goes around the town and stops at 48 different locations during the week halting at 45 minutes in every location. The members are aware of the itinerary of the mobile library visiting them and find it convenient to avail the services at their locality. The citizens can choose from over 10,000 books across Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & English languages. The members pay one time refundable registration fees of Rs. 200 to avail the services of the libraries.

Reach: Over 4,000 people have registered and are utilizing the services of these 5 libraries.

Internet, Computer, Smart Phone & iPad Training for Citizen

Trainings programme are conducted by the foundation for citizens in older age group in operation of Internet, Computer, Smart Phone & iPad as many of them do not know how to operate these devices. The participants of the trainings are Gents and Ladies above 40 yrs of age who are members of housing societies. The main objective of this course is to transform India digitally by enabling people to use technology to better communicate and educate themselves. These training are offered free of cost to participants. The duration of the training is 2 hours daily for 5 days. Each training session trains 15 to 20 citizens. The training is in much demand and it’s organized in clubs, society premise of any other suitable venue accessible to the participants.

Reach: The programme trains approximately 72, 000 persons every year to use internet and devices.

Study Centre

A study centre has been established by Lodha Foundation at Khetwadi in Mumbai. This centre provides good space and environment to the students from lower income group who do not have appropriate place in their homes to study. Children of all age group living in the vicinity come to the centre where the facility is available from 8 am to 10 pm every day. There are two separate rooms from boys and girls for studying. The facility has 3 care takers to take care of the facility and children. This centre also has a library that has about 2000 educational books which the children benefit from. The students and especially the parents have been highly appreciative to this facility as it is helping them to concentrate on their studies and do well in exams.

Reach: There are about 300 students registered in the centre and they are coming regularly to study.

Educational Materials

Lodha Foundation distributes academic books to the students of class I to XII in Malabar Hill in Mumbai. Books are given to students of government aided schools and private schools every year in month of June. Besides this school bags and note books are also given to the children in Dombivli area. This programme not only benefits the children from lower economic starts but all the students who study in this school. The programme ensures that the students have the educational materials with them in the beginning of the academic sessions as the books from the government sources reach them a bit late in academic year. New sets of school bag and note book generates enthusiasm in the students to take more interest in their studies and work harder.

Reach: Every year about 3,000 students receive educational materials from the foundation.